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Our Occupational Therapists are specialists in neurological rehabilitation, treating a range of complex conditions including Brain Injury and Stroke. We select our Occupational Therapists specifically for this field and no other.

We work alongside Case Managers and Solicitors as part of an expert-based package of care for clients at home and in the local community, providing a range of services from assessments & reports to goal-oriented rehabilitation programmes, home adaptations, equipment and training.

We are very selective recruiting to our team and run a comprehensive registration, screening and orientation programme to establish a select team who carry the specialist skills we require, are fit to practice and are appropriately registered and insured. We are exceptional in readily disclosing our team CV’s which can be downloaded directly from our team profile pages.

Unlike many Occupational Therapy Service providers, we require our OT’s are Registered to Practice with us and on this basis they do not provide OT services through any other private sector provider. We thereby establish a genuine team of Occupational Therapy professionals working in the interests of The OT Centre and our customers and clients. Unfortunately it is currently common practice for providers to suggest "a network of Occupational Therapists" when in fact unknown OT's are cold-sourced from directory listings for each new client referral.

Our Occupational Therapists have full and detailed CV's with us which clearly identify substantiated clinical experience working with brain injury cases through recognised centres and specialist units designated to treat brain injury cases and provide expert neurorehabilitation services.

We are members of the British Association of Occupational Therapists, the College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Sections in both Independent Practice and Neurological Practice and we are licensed to practice through the Health Professions Council.

Charlotte Bowker Private Occupational Therapist

Charlotte Bowker


Charlotte is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist specialising in adult neurorehabilitation. As the Lead OT for the Shropshire Community Neurorehabilitation Team, Charlotte leads the provision and development of OT Services, alongside her private practice through The OT Centre . . . .  [more]

Wendy Bromham-Davies Private Occupational Therapist

Wendy Bromham-Davies


Wendy is an experienced Occupational Therapist and Expert Witness for the assessment and rehabilitation of clients with severe and traumatic brain injury. She has worked with cases of Brain Injury for 12 years and is a long-standing member of the College of OT's Specialist Section in Neurological Practice . . . .  [more]

Carolyn Evans Private Occupational Therapist

Carolyn Evans


Carolyn is an experienced and committed Paediatric Occupational Therapist, who has worked for the NHS, Social Services, charitable and educational organisations in the UK and internationally. She has vast experience working with multi-disciplinary teams in diverse environments. Carolyn is a creative, conscientious, energetic and reliable person, who demonstrates integrity, compassion and  . . . .  [more]

Gaynor Green Private Occupational Therapist

Gaynor Green


Gaynor has extensive experience and working knowledge of neurorehabilitation in both the NHS and Private sectors, eliciting confidence in her clients and fellow professionals. As the former Therapy Lead for Christchurch Neurological Rehabilitation, Gaynor developed the OT, Physio, SaLT and Music Therapy MDT into a brilliant, functional team over three centres. She is well liked, efficient  . . . .  [more]

Sally Hoare Private Peadiatric Occupational Therapist

Sally Hoare


Sally is a specialist Occupational Therapist and Case Manager with extensive experience in the medico-legal field working with children and young adults in a number of clinical settings including mainstream and specialist education. Sally works with a wide range of conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, autism and learning difficulties offering assessments and interventions including  . . . .  [more]

Helen Hughes Private Occupational Therapist

Helen Hughes


Helen is an experienced Occupational Therapist and Advanced Practitioner in the assessment and rehabilitation of clients with severe and traumatic brain injury. She has practised in this field for more than 15 years and is a long-standing member of the College of OT's Specialist Section in Neurological Practice . . . .  [more]

Janine Jenkins Private Occupational Therapist

Janine Jenkins


Janine is a highly experienced OT specialising in SMART based goal-oriented neurorehabilitation. She has practiced in the field of neurology since 2003 and, as the Transition Lead OT for Carmarthenshire Complex Neurological Service, has further specialised in working with children and young people. Her experience includes the management of a range of neurological conditions, including   . . . . .  [more]

Amy Lees Private Occupational Therapist

Amy Lees


Amy is a highly experienced OT specialising in adult neuro and vocational rehab'.
She has practiced extensively in the NHS and private sectors and has specialised in neurorehabilitation since 2005. She is a terrific team member and tremendous asset to the client MDT. In a former role, she was recognised as one of the strongest members of a 130-strong team of OTs, winning ‘Employee of the Year’  . . . . .  [more]

Andrew McCluskey Private Occupational Therapist

Andrew McCluskey


Andrew is an OT with extensive experience working in specialist services that deal with complex neurological needs following acquired and traumatic brain injuries. He has worked in The Welsh Neuropsychiatry Service, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at the Frenchay Hospital, the Regional services for Neurorehab & Neuropsychiatry in Cardiff and Regional Stroke Services in Cardiff and North Bristol  . . . .  [more]

Lynne Merrett Private Occupational Therapist

Lynne Merrett


Lynne is a highly experienced OT specialising in SMART based goal-oriented neurorehabilitation for adults. As a former NHS Clinical Lead OT for Stroke and Brain Injury, Lynne has advised and managed clinical standards and best practice across the multidisciplinary team of OT, Physiotherapy, SaLT and Support Staff. She has extensive experience managing a complex caseload of challenging clients  . . . . .  [more]

Jennifer Price Private Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Price


Jennifer is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist specialising in adult neurorehabilitation for clients with traumatic brain injury, including those with complex mental health conditions and psychiatric disorders. As the Clinical Lead and Head of Occupational Therapy for a private hospital, Jennifer has led and managed a team of Occupational Therapists alongside a complex clinical caseload . . . .  [more]

Alice Shipman Private Occupational Therapist

Alice Shipman


Alice is an exceptional Occupational Therapist with remarkable professional experience working with children and young adults both in the UK and internationally. Alice practices at the National Star College, a world-class further education college and rehabilitation centre for young adults with complex disabilities, alongside her work through The OT Centre . . . .  [more]

Helen Spencer Occupational Therapist

Helen Spencer


Helen is the founder and clinical services lead for The OT Centre, providing specialist Occupational Therapy Services for people with complex neurological conditions including brain injury and stroke. She is an experienced Occupational Therapist and is an appointed Advisor to the College of Occupational Therapists Consultancy Service (COTCS), the UK professional body for Occupational Therapy . . . .  [more]

Lindsay Tarasconi Private Occupational Therapist

Lindsay Tarasconi


Lindsay graduated with a 1st Class BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy and is a senior Occupational Therapist within the NHS, providing neurorehabilitation services in hospital and community settings, alongside her private practice through The OT Centre. She is an enthusiastic, self motivated and diligent professional who thrives on new challenges . . . .  [more]

Dorian Thomas Private Occupational Therapist

Dorian Thomas


Dorian has practiced in the field of Physical & Learning Disabilities since 2003, amassing a significant body of knowledge in the assessment and treatment of a broad spectrum of complex physical and cognitive presentations including Neurological conditions, Mental Health conditions and spectrum conditions. Dorian brings a very level-headed opinion to particularly complex situations. . . . .  [more]

Jemma Thomas Private Occupational Therapist

Jemma Thomas


Jemma is a highly professional Occupational Therapist bringing a range of skills and evidence based practice to neurorehabilitation. Jemma offers a highly specialised rehabilitation approach, demonstrates an awareness of the litigation process from her experience as a Case Manager, and an empathy to the complexity of future provision to clients and their families . . . .  [more]

Sally Waters Foster Private Occupational Therapist

Sally Waters Foster


Sally is one of the principal professionals in the field of paediatric and neonatal OT services in Wales. She provides a range of services in the areas of physical health, mental health, learning disabilities, neurorehabilitation and adult vocational rehabilitation. She also works as the Neonatal Care Clinical Lead for the Hywel dda UHB alongside her private practice through The OT Centre . . . .  [more]

Louise Evans

Louise Evans (PA)

Louise provides a range of PA and admin services to The OT Centre Service Leads through her own virtual PA company Kontor Ltd.

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist

All our OT's are
fully qualified, have
been practising for at least five years and have trained and practised in a specialist neurological unit.

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