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Find out why Occupational Therapists and Sensory Integration practitioners love working for The OT Centre

" I believe we are unique in this sector and have a different approach.

We are not motivated by profit. What drives us is the desire to provide the best service for our clients and our customers. We have a unique team of passionate specialists and our founding partnership and values continue to drive our ethos. 

Occupational Therapists tell us time and again that they are often unable to do what they trained to do and have to live with providing the bare minimum for their clients.

The OT Centre is an opportunity for OT's to once more do what they trained for - providing specialist high-quality therapy to meet client needs and make a real difference."

Helen Spencer
Director & Occupational Therapist

Together We Make a Difference

You Are Not Just a Number

Use Your Skills

Doing what you trained for.

Provide highly specialist Therapies to meet individual Client Needs

Work Flexibly

Work alongside your existing job.

Choose the clients you want to work with

Move Forwards

Reignite your Passion.

Professional Progression with interesting & complex cases and real financial reward

Working at The OT Centre

Find out what our team say about working with us

Endorsement from Vicky

"As an Associate with The OT Centre I actually get to practice the OT we all dreamed about at University! 

The clients are diverse, their goals are diverse and so there is never a dull moment. What I really value is the work life balance, as that has always been a major challenge working elsewhere.

I cannot rate highly enough the passion, knowledge and support each of The OT Centre team can offer, so even though I work in private practice I never really feel alone as there is a network of advice available as and when you need it."

Vicky Caldwell

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Heather

"I like the flexibility. For me, it’s not just about the personal flexibility it offers, it’s also about client-focused flexibility; I can select the goals that suit the specific needs of the client and then work towards them. I also feel it’s more personable.

The OT Centre has a great set-up so I get good information and support from OTs and other people within the team. 

I feel very valued here."

Heather Bushell

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Rhi

"I really love my job as a paediatric OT with The OT Centre.

The freedom to manage my time and caseload without undue pressure is invaluable. Helen and the team prioritize our well-being, recognizing it enhances client care. 

I also appreciate the new IT systems that visually track progress toward long-term goals, keeping both me and my clients motivated. Occupational Therapy is a wonderful profession, so it's rewarding to be able to apply a wide range of OT skills to assist my clients, particularly within the context of a supportive team."

Rhi Carpenter

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Lynne

"I joined The OT Centre over other providers because I like their Ethos and aspirations to do their best for a client.

I really value the flexibility it offers me. I have young children, so I can pick them up from school and not rely on after school clubs. My quality of life is better too.

Private practice for me means access to more resources for my clients as well, and allows me to spend more time with them so that I can meet their needs and help them reach their goals."

Lynne Merrett

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Amy

"I joined the OT Centre as I felt their passion to provide high quality therapy for their clients matched my desire to do the same. 

With the OT Centre I can take the time to understand clients needs and create truly bespoke packages for them. Additionally, working in private practice gives me the work life balance that I have needed with a young family.

The team at the OT Centre have been incredibly supportive and are always very approachable. I also find that the wider network of other associate occupational therapists is invaluable as there are opportunities to discuss any difficulties you are having, so you never feel alone."

Amy Roy

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Lindsay

"I enjoy the variety of clients I work with at The OT Centre; I’ve had opportunities to work alongside individuals suffering from a variety of conditions. 

There are greater opportunities to maximise interventions in regards to time and resources. It’s nice to work with people in their own homes and often, it’s a few years down the line from an injury or accident, so clients have a better understanding of their condition, which allows them to identify their own goals."

Lindsay Tarasconi

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Sara

"I enjoy working with the OT Centre as I can provide high quality interventions to all of my clients and use a wide range of resources to support clients with meeting all their goals.

The flexibility of work hours and working with a range of different conditions and clients is great. The opportunities to work on both short and long term clients are terrific."

Sara Griffith

Occupational Therapist

Endorsement from Charlotte

"I really enjoy being able to identify issues and actually meet the client's needs and goals. I find it extremely satisfying to have the time & resources to do that. I often work with a client's support team so they can help implement and maintain the activities I initiate when I’m not there.

I feel like I can just be an OT!."

Charlotte Bowker

Occupational Therapist

The OT Centre Difference


Established in 2010, we have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in the private sector enabling us to offer the very best for you and our clients.


An integral part of our practice, our Clinical Director personally oversees our operations and brings a unique personal touch to everything we do, ultimately underpinned by her professional expertise as an experienced Occupational Therapist and Neurorehab practitioner.


We have been helping Practitioners just like you enter into and succeed in private practice since 2010. 

We provide all the support you need together with all of the tools you need to manage and support your clients, including templatised reports.


We remain a family owned, family run practice putting clinical services, quality and integrity before profit.


As a family run organisation, we value our practitioners and our clients. We recognise they are human beings with hopes, aspirations and expectations of us as service providers and, ultimately, as caring, trustworthy people and professionals.


As a practitioner with us, you are always in control of your caseload. You determine which clients you want to work with and how many clients you wish to see. 


You control your working hours for the work/life balance you want, based on your personal and professional commitments.


We want you to succeed and to excel with us. We want you to enjoy what you do. We want you to develop and be rewarded. We know from experience that these factors are crucial in delivering clinical excellence and building a satisfied customer base.


We offer a peer-based Mentoring scheme for additional and specialist one to one support from one of our existing OT team members with the necessary experience to guide and support you in Private Practice.


In building a highly skilled and specialist team of Practitioners, we are able to attract and offer highly complex, challenging and interesting client cases allowing you to apply your clinical skills and exercise your clinical judgement. This is what you trained for!


The OT Centre offers excellent rates of pay, well beyond offerings in statutory services. What sets us apart from other providers is that we pay our Practitioners for the work they do rather than dictating what activities do and don't get paid for.


We make best use of tools and technologies to drive our practice forwards, enable our Practitioners and provide a first-class service for our clients and our customers.

Our custom built Apps make it easy to manage your caseload, client documentation and reports, providing a clear framework, guidance and structure for your clinical work.


We are able to provide the resources, clinical interventions and attention that a client really needs, uncompromised by any service constraints.

You Are In Good Hands

The Right Experience

Recruiting  and Supporting OT's to work in the Private Sector since 2010

The Right Provider

High Quality Clinical Services for Clients with complex needs

The Right Approach

You are not just a number. We value our team as people and professionals 

Established in 2010

Take The First Steps

Find out if The OT Centre is for you

Book an informal chat

We're here to answer your questions and offer advice and support.

No question is too small.

We will never pressure you into joining us;

You decide ...

Once we've had an informal chat, we suggest taking some time to think about what we've discussed and decide whether you might want to move forwards. It's entirely your choice


We consider our future work together as a partnership. For a partnership to work, we need to better understand each other, how we like to work together, what our mutual expectations might be and where our skills and particular interests lay.

We typically set aside an hour for a video interview.

We can usually make a joint decision at the end of our interview.

Registration to Practice 

Our straightforward screening process helps us to collect a set of documentation for you;


Our carefully staged orientation is designed to familiarise you with private practice through The OT Centre and ensure you are fully prepared for your first case;

We will establish a regular review to support you in your early cases.

We are here for ongoing support, questions and any help you need along the way


Once you're underway and are seeing clients, our Support Programme ensures that you have any help you need as you progress and Helen Spencer, our Clinical Director, will personally oversee your work and step in with help as needed. 

We are also available for you for ad-hoc support and questions by phone, call-back booking, email, video and chat and our private Community of OT's are available for Q&A and peer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we are most often asked

How does The OT Centre work?

Let's consider a referral for rehabilitation as an example.

You would first undertake an Initial Assessment to discover the clients needs, difficulties, challenges and circumstances together with an initial view on how we can help. Your findings are set out in a templated Initial Assessment Outcome Report. A fixed period of Treatment follows, based on your Assessment, and is concluded by a Treatment Outcome Report which summarises your treatment and client progress. If at this point you recommend further treatment, you would then undertake another period of treatment again followed by a review and Treatment Outcome Report. Treatment periods end when the client's goals have been achieved. Our page for Case Managers sets out "Our Process" in more detail.

Our Orientation and Support Programmes prepare you for your first client and provide a support framework for help along the way

Our detailed Report Templates provide a framework and clear guidance for report creation and content

What Support is available for me?

We run a half-day Orientation Programme specifically designed to get you to a point where you are ready to see your first client. It covers everything you will need to know to excel in private practice with us.

Once you are underway and are seeing clients, our Support Programme ensures that you have any help you need as you progress and Helen Spencer, our Clinical Director, will personally oversee your work and step in with help as needed. Alongside this, we are always available by phone, call-back booking, email, video and chat.

Half-day orientation programme for new starters

All aspects of your work overseen and supported by our Clinical Director during your first cases with us

As needed support by phone, video call, chat or email

Access to The OT Centre's private Community of OT's for Q&A and peer support

What sort of cases do you work with?

We work with the Medicolegal sector, Schools, Colleges, Businesses, Charities, Local Authorities , Housing Associations and Private Individuals providing Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration services for clients with a range of needs, diagnoses and conditions.

Our primary specialisms span  Neurorehabilitation, Neurodivergence, Learning Difficulties, Spinal Injury , Sensory Processing , Vocational Rehabilitation, Housing, Posture and Seating, Orthopaedic Injuries, Manual Handling, Elderly Care.

We provide Assessments, Treatments, Consultations and Interventions for clients with a range of conditions and needs including Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury, Head Injury, Stroke, Hypoxic Brain Injury, Anoxic Brain Injury, Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC), Catastrophic Injury, Spinal Injury, Fractures, Amputation, Erbs Palsy, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Progressive Neurological Conditions, Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Learning Difficulties, Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), Posture, Spasticity, Seating and Wheelchairs.

How much work is available for me?

It varies based on your location but if we don't have any cases available for you when you join us, we work hard to market your services with us and create client opportunities for you.

We have access to a huge network of Case Managers and Law firms working in the Medicolegal sector.

We don't saturate an area with OT's which means you aren't in competition with lots of OT's in your area.

Where do you see Clients?

Our OT and SI services are community based which means we see clients in their own environment, whether that be at home, at work, at school or college, care facility etc.

How much time do I need to make available?

You can commit as little as one weekday.

When we offer you a client case, you aren't obliged to take it

You decide if and when you take a client case with us

You choose your client caseload based on your capacity and interests

Where are your OT's?

We don't focus in a single area, we have OT's providing services across the UK, from Devon and Cornwall through Wales, England and Scotland. We don't saturate an area with OT's which means you won't be in competition with lots of other OT's in your area.

We work across the whole of the UK

Who chooses my Working Pattern?

You determine your working pattern. If we offer you a case which requires input on days or times which don't work for you, you don't have to take it.

You control when you work, how much work you do and what kind of cases you take

What facilities do you have for Notes and Reports?

We have developed a custom built App specifically to provide you with a quick and effective way to manage all aspects of your client cases, including Goal Planning and Session Outcome Reports ('clinical notes'), client and customer communications, client appointment scheduling and access to a library of templatised reports.

Unique purpose built Client Management App designed to help you manage your client caseload and documentation, exclusive to The OT Centre

Detailed templates for our Client Reports

Our half-day Orientation Programme includes full training in the use of our App

How much do I get paid?

We don't dictate your rates. We will have a mutual discussion and come to a mutual agreement following your interview based on your skills and experience.

We offer excellent rates of pay

We pay you for all your client work, we do not dictate what you can and cannot get paid for

What jobs are available at The OT Centre?

If you are skilled, motivated and want to succeed in private practice then we want to talk to you wherever you are based.

Check out our Jobs Board to find out whether we are actively recruiting to a specific position in your area. 

Our Values

We are a family run, family oriented practice upholding integrity and excellence in everything we do.

We take great pride in our services, we love what we do and we put our practitioners and our clients at the heart of our practice.

We recognise that our practitioners and our clients are people with hopes, aspirations and expectations of us as service providers and, ultimately, as caring, trustworthy professionals.