Occupational Therapy for Motor Impairments

Common Difficulties associated with Motor Impairments

Motor impairments can present various challenges for individuals, affecting their ability to control and coordinate movements. These challenges can significantly impact different aspects of daily life. Here are some common challenges faced by people with motor impairments:

Mobility and Transportation

Daily Living Activities


Social Interaction



Access to Information

Assistive Technology

Physical Health

Emotional Well-being

Accessibility Barriers

Stigma and Social Perception

How can Occupational Therapy help?

Occupational therapy (OT) can be instrumental in addressing motor impairments by focusing on enhancing an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and participate in meaningful occupations. Here are several ways in which occupational therapy can help with motor impairments:

Assessment and Evaluation

Individualized Treatment Plans

Therapeutic Exercises

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training

Fine Motor Skills Development

Gross Motor Skills Development

Sensory Integration Therapy

Cognitive Strategies

Assistive Technology

Home and Environmental Modifications

Education and Training