Occupational Therapy Services for Case Managers

We understand the role of a Case Manager, organising and managing a complex package of care across a diverse and specialist team of service providers, and we are experienced working with providers in this field.

Good communication and goal-oriented reporting are key to good direction and quality outcomes.
Our Online Client Services provide live access to key elements of our Client Records, Documentation and Reports. Our aim is to help you clearly understand and quantify our work and progress with your client and ultimately direct our ongoing input based on your informed assessment of benefit and
VFM (value for money).

Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Service
Specialists in complex Neurological cases, including Brain Injury and Stroke
Assessment and tailored, goal-orientated rehabilitation programmes
Adaptations, Equipment & specialist Technologies
Client Family and Care Team Education & Training
Professional liaison with client teams and 3rd party services
Friendly proven relationships with Clients & Client families             [find out more ...]
Occupational Therapist Selection
Pre-screened and pre-registered Occupational Therapists
Detailed CV's substantiating neuro experience, expertise and skills
Download OT Profiles and CVs direct from our Website
Speak to our Team Lead, or use our Website Chat facility
Check Therapist HPC Registrations direct from our Website
Direct access to LinkedIn Profiles             [find an OT ...]
Occupational Therapy Reporting
Time-boxed periods of Therapy with clear objectives
Clear, structured communication for an executive eye-view of our work with your client
Progress Reports at agreed intervals for rehabilitation programmes
Synopsis Report at the end of a treatment programme
24x7 Online access to Reports
24x7 Online access to our visit schedules with your Client             [find out how ...]
Occupational Therapy Provision
Time-boxed periods of Therapy with clear objectives
Clear, straightforward Estimates & Quotations
Direct correlation between Invoices and Estimates / Quotations
24x7 Online access to Account services, including Estimates, Quotations, Invoices and Account History
Automated invoice forwarding to third parties, on request, (eg Solicitors, Deputies and Case Managers)
Automated Payment Receipting
Online payment available through all major payment gateways             [find out more ...]
Better Occupational Therapy
We manage all of our business operations in The Cloud which means we can be more effective in the way we work together as a team and more creative in the the way we provide our services to you.
Our Team use a sophisticated Client-centric Service Management App to manage all aspects of our Client services, including documentation, reporting, communications and workflow
Our Client records are based on structured electronic documents, ensuring consistency and quality across our team
Our Team update your Client records on the road, immediately after a Client visit, using our secure email DropBox             [more on this soon ...]

It isn't enough to be
a skilled OT when you
are working in the private sector. You also need to understand your Customer's business and what's important to them.

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We are experienced working as part of a cohesive, highly specialised rehabilitation team and coordinating our services with local authorities and the NHS.
You can expect the highest standards from our Occupational Therapists coupled with a reliable service designed with a good understanding of your needs and the way your profession works.
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