Occupational Therapy Reports

Good communication, from all parties involved in a client's care package, is key to good direction and quality outcomes.

Case Managers and Solicitors need an executive eye-view of a client's rehabilitation package across all services. Our aim in our verbal and written communications is to ensure that Case Managers and Solicitors are always appraised of a client's progress and requirements.

Our established practice is to provide quarterly Progress Reports during the term of our Rehabilitation Package, and a Review Report at the end of the term. Progress Reports highlight our progress with a client against Goals and identify any key issues which we feel need to be flagged, or which may require intervention. At the end of the term, we expect to provide a full assessment of this period of rehabilitation in the form of an End Term Report which clearly sets out a client's progress, current circumstances and any further needs.

Occupational Therapy Reporting
Occupational Therapy Reporting

Focused progress reports help you track progress and control input based on value for money benefits.
Our Goal-oriented Monthly Highlight Reports, Mid-Term Progress Report and End-Term Review Report detail progress against each of our agreed client Goals together with input forecasting to help you determine and control for maximum benefit and VFM (value for money).

Occupational Therapy Documents

Access or Download selected documentation, including Client Reports online the instant they are released.

Occupational Therapy Documents
Occupational Therapy Schedules
Occupational Therapy Schedules

Keep track of our schedules with your clients, including Client Appointments and Team Meetings, using our anonymised online calendars.

We ensure you have
an executive eye-view
of our work with your client throughout the term of our rehabilitation package.

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By using Cloud technologies, we can provide value-added services, including on-line access to Client Appointment Schedules and Reports.
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