Occupational Therapist

We are very pleased and excited this week to welcome our latest team member Jemma Thomas. 

Jemma has practised for more than eight years and brings a range of skills and experience to our specialist neurorehabilitation team. 

If you would like to find out how you could join Jemma and work with The OT Centre, visit our dedicated OT jobs website www.jobs.theotcentre.co.uk

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Occupational Therapy Jobs Quote

We are expanding our team and are looking for Occupational Therapists across the UK who have clinical experience working with clients who have suffered a severe brain injury.

We take great pride in our services, we love what we do and have a reputation to uphold and develop. We need skilled and motivated Occupational Therapists who will consolidate our reputation through their clinical skills with clients and through their professional interactions with the Case Managers and Solicitors we serve.

Occupational Therapy Jobs Quote

If you are interested in working as a private Occupational Therapist please visit our dedicated Jobs website to find out how we can help www.jobs.theotcentre.co.uk.

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