Online Client Services

Good communication and reporting, from all parties involved in a client's care package, is key to good direction and quality outcomes.

Our Online Client Services provides live access to key elements of our Client Records,  Documentation and Reports. Our aim is to help Case Managers better understand, evidence and quantify our work and progress with our clients and ultimately deliver value for money benefits. 

We would be delighted to have your feedback if there are additional facilities or documentation you would like us to provide.

SECURITY WARNING: In order to safeguard information for our respective client, we provide you with access to our
Online Client Services on the understanding that you will not share any information therein, or otherwise 
divulge any access keys , page URLs/hyperlinks or document URLs/hyperlinks, with any other party without our express permission.

We ensure you have
an executive eye-view
of our work with your client throughout the term of our rehabilitation package.

Goal-oriented Rehabilitation Plan

Goal-Oriented Rehabilitation Plan

Get a clear, client-centred goal-oriented rehabilitation plan.
Our Goal-Oriented Rehabilitation Plan forms the basis of our intervention programme and is designed to be readily understood by all stakeholders, irrespective of professional background. It provides a clear statement of client-centred goals together with an outcome-driven breakdown of anticipated Occupational Therapy interventions.
Want to see what our Goal-Oriented Plans look like? click here.

Rehabilitation Progress Reports

Review therapy intervention and client progress, with supporting analysis & recommendations. Our Mid-term Rehabilitation Report provides the Case Manager with a formal goal-oriented review of our interventions, client progress and any notable barriers. Our End-term Rehabilitation Review Report provides a full Goal-Oriented review and assessment of our rehabilitation programme together with our assessment of the client's on-going needs as a basis for informing any future interventions and likely benefits.

Rehabilitation Progress Reports
Client Visit Notes

Client Visit Notes

Keep abreast of our client interventions on a visit by visit basis. 
We keep a goal-oriented rolling record of our client visits, summarising the interventions undertaken for each visit and outcomes. 
Want to see what our Visit Notes look like? click here.

Communications Log

Follow our communications from our Communications Log. We keep a rolling record of our communications with all parties in relation to our client work, including telephone calls, meeting notes and face to face discussions. 

Communications Log
Client Scheduler

Client Scheduler

Track diarised client related events. Diary based access to all our client related schedules, including client visits, team meetings and supplier meetings.


Keep track of our invoiced activity.  We provide a full, cross-referenced breakdown of our invoiced activity. 

Communications Log
Highlight Reports
coming soon

Monthly Highlight Reports

Track progress and control input based on value for money benefit. 
Do you find yourself trying to reconcile Therapy costs against tangible progress, or wondering whether input is delivering value for money?
Our monthly highlight reports provide a clear, concise summary of progress against each of our agreed client Goals, together with a summary of any barriers to progress. We forecast next month's input levels for each goal, to help you control our ongoing input against your assessment of benefit and VFM (value for money). 

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