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We are always very pleased when our people and services
are recognised through positive feedback.

We were very moved this week when we received a very personal testimonial from a client's parent and have changed his name here to protect his privacy.

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Occupational Therapy Testimonial

I have known Helen Spencer now for several years as my son's OT.

My son received brain damage after a motorbike accident age 24 and as anyone can imagine it has devastated the family, it is a very slow recovery and so many questions to ask, but I can honestly say that without Helens support I don't know where we would be today.

Helen is so professional and very caring with it, I love the way she thinks outside the box as every brain damage can be so different she always finds a solution to David’s problems one way or another and is always there for me too.

David has progressed greatly in the last 4 years thanks to a great team and Helen has played a great part in that progress as she has gained David’s trust (not a easy thing to do) and he trusts her totally. If he is not happy with the way something has been done Helen will explain it to him so he understands it's for his best interests and he will except that then.

Anyone that needs an OT would be lucky to have Helen work with them.

Occupational Therapy Testimonial

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