The National Health Service has faced at least fifteen years of ‘efficiency savings’ in one form or another and in recent years the Allied Health Professions, including Occupational Therapy, have seen increasingly stringent measures to ‘cap spending’.

I attended the College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section for Neurological Practice conference in Cardiff this week. It’s always a great opportunity to catch-up with former colleagues and make new professional acquaintances. I no longer work in the NHS but my conference visits are a great way to keep up with insider news.

I’m increasingly hearing of OT redundancies and (not so new) recruitment freezes. A few trusts are dismantling Band 7 and downgrading OT's to Band 6. How widespread is this?

I set up in private practice three years ago. It’s been hard work and a steep learning curve but I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I decided to grow the company this year and now count myself privileged to work with three very experienced Occupational Therapists - soon to be five - who continue to work part-time in the NHS whilst taking contract work with The OT Centre. It’s an arrangement that works really well for all concerned.

I’d love to hear about your on-going experiences. Is it time for a new challenge or are you working in an NHS trust that has managed to embrace the efficiency ethos and deliver real improvements in its services, for staff and patients alike?

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Occupational Therapy Jobs Quote

We are expanding our team and are looking for Occupational Therapists across the UK who have clinical experience working with clients who have suffered a severe brain injury.

We take great pride in our services, we love what we do and have a reputation to uphold and develop. We need skilled and motivated Occupational Therapists who will consolidate our reputation through their clinical skills with clients and through their professional interactions with the Case Managers and Solicitors we serve.

Occupational Therapy Jobs Quote

If you are interested in working as a private Occupational Therapist please visit our dedicated Jobs website to find out how we can help

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